Avem (A.V.E.M)

Arte Vetraria Muranese was established in Murano in 1932. As the designers, Emilio Nazon, Erdo Nazon, and others pushed for a modern and innovative 20th century style. Some of the early works were created by the Italian artist Vittorio Zeckin, son of the Murano glassmaker-engineer Luigi.

Although Avem Studio is now closed, being the birthplace of several renowned works by the famous maestros until the 1980s, it is acknowledged as a prestigious studio. Kyohei Fujita of Japan also created many works at the Avem workshop. The extremely popular "Tutti Frutti" design, which was introduced by an unknown designer in 1953, is best known today as the long-running Byzantino series. 

As the number of workshops that can reproduce such fine and vivid Murrine (mosaic) and elegant lace glass falls every year, the remaining vintage masterpieces at Avem Studio become increasingly rare. Even at chisa, whenever the glass from Avem Studio is displayed, it captures the hearts of customers in the blink of an eye.